NDEAM Employee Blog: Barbara Cissell

NDEAM Employee Blog: Barbara Cissell

NDEAM Employee Blog: Barbara Cissell

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Having a disability should not bring you down, nor should it replace a smile with a frown.In fact, I think we should put a th where there is a d, then we could rightfully say this ability allows me to be me.

Shortly after I lost my eyesight in 2002, I was told something that I believe to be very true. She said the best thing for a person who is blind, is to be around others of the same kind. LCI employs people who are afflicted in that way. I am guaranteed to get my dose of that each and every day! Working at LCI for over ten years now, if I had to describe in one word, that word would be WOW!!!

We do many tasks at work from sewing to dropping to packing, just like a well-oiled machine, together, we do the work and there is no slacking.

My life before LCI was, to say the least, boring. Kind of like trying to go to sleep and listening to yourself snoring!

Working for over 10 years I have developed many skills. Not to mention the fact that the paycheck helps to pay the bills! I have become very independent and confident since I got hired. I can still do things after work because I am not yet tired.

I have to give credit to a man named Will Ryan. If he hadn’t gotten me in the LCI door, I would probably still be crying. If I was asked what is my favorite thing about working at LCI, it would certainly be the fact that in the word team, there is no I.

Although we are a small plant in Daytona Beach, it is our highest potential that we strive to reach. If there is someone out there who is struggling with an affliction, there is help for you, it is not science fiction. Of course, I would not be the person I am today without my faith in Jesus to who every day I pray.

We make mostly products for disaster relief agencies and the military, of which makes me very proud and I am not referring to Tina Turner’s Proud Mary! I have family members in all branches of our country’s armed forces. It gives me a sense of participating in life’s many courses. I guess the message I am trying to relay,
if your gut tells you to get up and go, do it without delay!

Life is extremely short and we should take nothing for granted. Every time I took a chance in life it was on my feet I always landed!!! Thank you for taking the time
to read this and I hope you enjoyed my rhyme.

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