• Founded as Lions Club Industries, Inc.

    Founded as a project of a local Durham civic club to promote employment for people who are blind.

  • Wagner-O’Day Act passed

    Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Wagner-O’Day Act is passed, providing employment opportunities for people who are blind by authorizing them to manufacture mops and brooms to sell to the Federal Government.

  • Mattress Contract with the U.S. Navy

    Contract with Navy awarded to LC Industries via the Wagner-O’Day act, under an affiliation with National Industries for the Blind (NIB).

  • LCI incorporated as Lions Club Industries for the Blind, Inc.

  • Began manufacturing mattress covers for the military

  • Wagner-O’Day Act Amended

    Under Senator Jacob Javits, Congress amended the Wagner-O’Day Act to include people with severe disabilities and broaden the program’s scope with the GSA. From there, the Javits-Wagner-O’Day act (JWOD) was formed.

  • LCI begins manufacturing file folders

    via the JWOD act under an affiliation with NIB.

  • Changed name to LC Industries

  • First base supply center employing people who are blind opens at Fort Bragg

    The experiment is successful, and more BSCs are formed nationwide (LCI currently operates over 35).

  • LCI welcomes our Mississippi operations into the LCI manufacturing family

  • Durham Distribution Center opens

    Our Durham Distribution Center opens, supporting a thriving manufacturing division and base supply centers.

  • Las Vegas Distribution Center opens to better serve our customers coast to coast.

  • LCI assumes management of not-for-profit organization, New Vision, in Louisville, KY

  • LC Industries broadens its customer reach with a new e-commerce division

    LC Industries launches BuyLCI.com

  • The AbilityOne Commission Approves LCI as an Official AbilityOne Wholesaler

  • LC Industries acquires Tactical Assault Gear (TAG)

  • Medical Kitting venture

    Medical Kitting venture begins to equip the military’s specific needs for specialized operations.

  • Duke University Eye Center

    LCI philanthropy helps make the new Duke University Eye Center a reality.

  • LCI launches Technology Services

    New service line offers consulting services around digital accessibility in the workplace.

  • CEO William Hudson Celebrates 50 Years at LCI

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