An unbreakable partnership between LCI and Ironlace



Ironlace is the maker of the world’s strongest laces. Popular with firefighters, welders, and construction workers, Ironlace shoelaces are so strong they don’t melt. When Irornlace needed help with manufacturing their best-in-class product, they turned to LCI for help getting their laces to market in record time.


Ironlace is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and all of their products are made in the United States. The bulk of Ironlace’s materials, labor, assembly and fulfillment work happens at LCI’s Raleigh facility. Thanks to LCI, Ironlace has been able to grow at a tremendous pace and keep up with increased demand for their unbreakable shoelaces.


  • Since working with LCI, Ironlace has been able to triple its production capacity, going from a few thousand sets of shoelaces a day to more than 10 thousand sets of laces a day.
  • LCI is managing the supply chain, inventory, and reordering. That has allowed Ironlace to grow at 200%. "We were missing foresight before and we have it now."
  • In January, LCI shipped Ironlace orders with a 97.3% accuracy rate.

“Even though it’s just shoelaces, it becomes a complicated matter because we’ve got to worry about all the different inventory sizes - where they’re kept in inventory, how much inventory we’re managing, the boxes…it becomes quite a complex task in managing that. We’ve really turned to LCI to help us grow.”

Graham Buksa,
Spokesperson, Ironlace

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