NDEAM Employee Blog: Storm Stallings

NDEAM Employee Blog: Storm Stallings

NDEAM Employee Blog: Storm Stallings

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The following employee blog was submitted Storm Stallings, an LCI medical kitting assembler in Fayetteville, N.C.

What challenges have you faced in a working environment that might surprise people without disabilities?
Being a blind employee, learning new environments is the biggest challenge. When I first started, we were working in Durham, and then LCI opened a location in Fayetteville. Each time, I had to learn where everything was located and how to get around from one place to another – including the work areas, the lunchroom, and the bathrooms. This is why it’s important not to move things around too much, especially in the work areas, because we can’t see that something has changed.

What do you wish more people knew about your particular disability?
Just because I’m blind, it doesn’t’ mean I can’t do something a sighted person can. I might just have to approach it a little differently, or it might take me a little while longer.

How do you celebrate NDEAM? How can people without disabilities celebrate NDEAM?
I think that people without disabilities can celebrate NDEAM by visiting other companies or non-profit organizations like LCI or VRC (Vision Resource Center) who specialize in helping or employing people with disabilities so that they can see what kind of accommodations may be needed, so that they, too, can employ people with disabilities.

How has your employment positively impacted your disability?
I was very excited when I found out that LCI was employing the blind. I was happy when I first started working because I had finally found a job, and this is my first job. I am happy to be working at LCI because now I have a sense of purpose and am able to contribute to my family’s income. I am proud to be a member of LCI.

Something you’d like others to know about your disability story:
Just remember that even though people with disabilities are different, please show them the same kindness and respect that you would show anyone else.

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  1. Storm is not handicapped, from a very young age, she could do things that a older vision impaired person would do. The teachers in school were impressed with her. At home she fixed her food in a microwave, washed and separated clothes. She never let her visual impairment stop or slow her down. We are very proud of her. Love Dad

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