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Manufacturing has always been at the heart of LC Industries’ identity, with products ranging from mattresses and file folders to chemical lightsticks; with the capacity to manufacture over 2000 different products, and the ability to support a wide range of manufacturing opportunities for the blind. LC Industries has six facilities with over 750,000 square feet of manufacturing/warehouse space and the ability to support a wide range of manufacturing opportunities.

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Manufacturing Partners

Through strategic partnerships and cooperative efforts have generated growth within the Manufacturing sector and continue to help LC Industries flourish.

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Our team is always eager to expand and partner with new business opportunities that can help us create more jobs for people who are blind.


7 Specialized Divisions

All Products are Made & Assembled in the USA

Finished Mattresses On Racks - Wrapped and Ready to Be Sold

Mattress Assembly Division

LC Industries promotes “Good Health By Sleeping Well”. LC Industries has been manufacturing mattresses and box springs since 1936, and our mattress division proudly uses raw materials that are made in the United States of America…

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Giant Paper Rolls in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow & Purple wrapped in cellophane and ready to be processed into file folders

Paper Conversion Division

Our Paper Conversion Division manufactures ten different disposable paper products, as well as a multitude of office products. These machines allow us to cut, fold and pack a large variety of paper products…

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Overhead View of LC Industries Manufacturing Floor in Durham, NC

Assembly, Packaging & Kitting Division

At LC Industries we combine technology and great people to assemble products and package them for shipping. Our Assembly and Packaging Division allows us to take your manufactured items from pieces to a final product…

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Finished Product - Box full of Plastic Forks

Plastics Division (Injection Molding & Blow Molding)

In the LC Industries Plastics Division we produce well over 5 million tons of plastic per year. Plastic resins are fed primarily through a rail siding into silos, with vacuum distribution directly into the molding equipment…

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Sewing Division Development Area for Tactical Assault Gear - Tactical Nylon Armor Carriers for the Military on Display

Sewing Division

Our Sewing Division includes a wide variety of capabilities for nylon construction with a focus to create and develop cutting edge tactical gear for today’s Military and Law Enforcement who are protecting our country…

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Image of Custom Stamp Machinery at LC Industries

Custom Stamps Division

Our Custom Stamps Division produces various stamp products, signage, nameplates, as well as plaques and awards. Under the X-Stamper brand name we manufacture well over 50,000 custom stamps per year…

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Metal Stamping Machinery on the LC Industries Manufacturing Floor in Hazerlhurst, MS

Housewares Division (Metal Stamping, Mop Assembly)

In our Housecleaning Division we produce over 140 different products including sponge mops and refills, cotton deck mops, twist mops, replacement heads and related cleaning products. Our Metal Stamping Department stamps in excess of 50 tons of steel per year in support of the Housecleaning Division, which produces over 3 million mops per year…

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