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LC Industries Distribution was created with the goal of increasing accessibility to all AbilityOne products, whilst creating opportunities for blind employment. With nearly 250,000 square feet of distribution space and state of the art facilities, LC Industries is a leader in distribution services by providing quality service to our customers from coast to coast and overseas.

LC Industries operates two distribution centers, one in Durham, North Carolina and one in Las Vegas, Nevada, carrying over 4,800 products.

Increasing Access to AbilityOne Products

Since their inception in 2001, LC Industries Distribution Centers have steadily increased the number of AbilityOne products available to customers and now carry the entire AbilityOne A-list and top selling B-list products, representing over 70 different National Industries for the Blind (NIB), and SourceAmerica® agencies. LC Industries’ distribution division supports a wide array of government, military and commercial customers. The substantial amount of distribution space allows for a quick response to emergency situations and the ability to handle surges in demand with ease.

Quick Facts

  • Over 4,800 items in stock

  • AbilityOne Wholesaler
  • Over 495,000 Orders and 835,000 Lines Processed Annually

LC Industries Customers